ChroMyco Duo is a dual plate test with dermatophyte test media (DTM) on one side

and Enhanced Sporulation Agar (ESA) on the other.

The test is performed by veterinary staff taking a pluck of fur or skin scrape from the lesion and innoculating both sides. After three to six days, if
dermatophytes are present, the DTM will turn red and the ESA will turn blue-green.

Once a colour change is identified, a sample of the culture can be taken from the
ESA, a media prolific in growing dermatophytes.

Veterinary staff are then able to examine the fungus microscopically and
identify the species of dermatophyte before advising on treatment.

Invicta has prepared a free fungal identification chart to assist practices with the
identification of cultures and is providing free updates to subscribers, as images of
new fungi are submitted by practices using the kit.

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