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Chloraprep® is a single use, easy to apply, sterile system, available in a variety of sizes and in clear and tinted versions to enhance the visibility of the area requiring antisepsis, for instance, prior to surgery.

The sterile solution is maintained in a glass ampoule inside a protective outer case and, to prevent contamination, the patented design ensures users don’t come into contact with either the contents or the patient’s skin. 

Most surgical site infections (SSI’s) are the result of contamination from a patient’s own skin flora1, a fact which highlights the importance of thorough and effective preparation of the skin as a proactive way to minimise the incidence of SSI’s in patients.

Research has shown that Chloraprep®, which contains 2% chlorhexidine and 70% isopropyl alcohol, has demonstrated significantly better antimicrobial activity than other combinations2.

The way in which the solution is applied to the skin is as important as the solution itself.  Studies show that the most effective way to apply Chloraprep® is with a back and forth scrubbing movement because this gives a lower microbial count on the skin than using other application methods3.

Once applied, Chloraprep® is active in 30 seconds and is effective for up to 48 hours4.

Chloraprep® is available from Invicta Animal Health and full training and information on its use is also supplied.

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